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Vasile Lup

About the Customer

Vasile Lup is a motivational speaker, originally from Satu Mare, who, after a tumultuous life, managed to find a path, a path that he encourages others to follow. Jovial and always in a good mood, with energy always turned to the maximum, Vasile Lup is very active, even among the coaching sessions he has with the public, he also managed to publish his book.

What the customer wanted

A functional, responsive, presentation site where people can easily find all the information. This site is special, because you can find everything from products (books and tickets for seminars), to the events that Vasile supports in the country.

The client wanted the site to be his business card, so that the world, from a single page, could get to know Vasile, know his activity and be connected with him non-stop.

What I have achieved

Exactly what was asked for! A site that instantly clears you up, doesn't mislead you and helps you easily interact with everything the customer does.